Medication Technican

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  • Full-Time
  • Milwaukee, WI
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  • Job Type Details: Medication Technician

General Purpose

Primarily responsible for the accuracy, organization, and compliance of medication carts in residential and for following all regulations and policies and procedures regarding the storage, administration, and destruction of client medications. Works closely with the Health and Wellness Practitioner, the Medical Assistant, and the Residential staff to ensure that medications are stored, ordered, organized, and passed as prescribed. May interact with pharmacies to ensure timely and accurate delivery of medications and monitor accuracy of medication administration.

Essential Functions of the Job

Oversee compliance of Medication Management and Prescription policies and procedures.

  • Monitors compliance with all policies and procedures related to medication management, administration, and disposal/destruction.
  • Collaborates with leadership on any training or communication needs related to medication management.
  • Contacts and coordinates with pharmacy for refills, new/changed orders, and questions.
  • Works with Medical Assistant to maintain up-to-date face sheets and medication reconciliation lists.
  • Monitors and orders medication refills.
  • Organizes medications for new admissions and prepares medications for client discharges.
  • Oversee the follow up and completion of Medication Log audits.

Maintain accuracy of information entered in ECP, including:

  • Pharmacy links
  • Demographic and insurance information
  • Entered/prescribed medications (new, changes, discontinued)
  • Narcotic counts
  • Cycle meds
  • Refills and transfer medications
  • Signed orders

Maintain medication cart and medication binders

  • Ensure all MARS for narcotics are up to date and that the medication cart is stocked, complete, and accurate for each day/shift.
  • Clean out unnecessary paperwork
  • Assist with medication cart inventory
  • Ensure all OTC medications are filled
  • Remove/destroy all discontinued medications under the supervision of the H&W Practitioner.
  • Make sure all medications are labeled with the client’s name and match the orders/prescription/medication record.
  • Monitor and maintain nicotine patches/gum supplies as prescribed.
  • Resolve any reported issue of missing medications or medication confusion (e.g. different names, doses, or schedules)

Medication Administration and Training

  • Pass medications to residential clients occasionally, as needed
  • Train new residential staff on medication administration and ensure competence and compliance in policies and procedures.
  • Report and support investigation and follow up of medication errors and omissions.

Marginal Functions of the Job

  • Assist with calling providers to establish care including scheduling of medical and dental appointments as needed, as back-up to the MA/Peer Support Specialists
  • Assist with receiving and coordinating hospital discharge paperwork and outpatient after-visit summaries.
  • Order medical and office supplies
  • Participate in room searches or other residential activities.

Qualifications and Requirements

High School diploma or equivalent

Completion/certification of CBRF Medication Management preferred plus relevant knowledge and experience in medication management and administration.

Knowledge of medical practice and care to assist in giving exceptional client care

Other Skills Required

  • Ability to use Electronic Health Records
  • Ability to use telephones, fax, and copy machines
  • Ability to teach other staff on medication policies and procedures

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

  • All Meta House staff are required to provide proof of vaccination for MMR, Varicella, and annual flu shot.
  • Adherence to a non-smoking work environment.

Able to:

  • Tolerate occasional hot or cold days.
  • Sit or stand for extended periods of time including alternating sitting or standing at will.
  • Lift and up to 25 pounds on a regular basis and 40 pounds on occasion.
  • Ascend and descend stairs using feet and legs.
  • Bend, stoop, twist, squat, and kneel to perform essential functions.
  • Reach overhead, and at or below shoulder level.
  • Read and enter text or data into a computer or other system.
  • Seize, hold, grasp, turn, or otherwise work with hands.
  • Touch, pick, punch or otherwise working with fingers.
  • Hear, understand, and distinguish speech and/or other sounds in order to communicate with clients and/or colleagues.
  • Express or exchange ideas by means of spoken word to impart oral information to clients or the public and convey detailed spoken instructions to others accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • See clearly at approximately 20 inches or less including use of computers or tablet.
  • Visually identify clients and others for reasons including, but not limited to security, presence in the building, and medication dispensing.
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license required.
  • Ability to operate agency vehicle for work related duties.
  • Access to personal vehicle for work purposes.
  • Ability to use personal vehicle for work related duties.
  • Ability to use personal vehicle for work related duties including transportation of clients.
  • Auto insurance coverage with the following limits: 100k per person bodily injury/300k per accident bodily injury limit/100k property damage liability (required for employees using their personal vehicle for work or for employees transporting clients in their personal vehicle).

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