Program Services Coordinator

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MMFHC is a private, nonprofit civil rights enforcement organization that operates throughout the State of Wisconsin. The mission of MMFHC is to promote fair housing by combating illegal housing discrimination, and by creating and maintaining racially and economically integrated housing patterns.

Working for MMFHC means being part of a present-day civil rights movement. MMFHC staff members help ensure that Wisconsin residents are have information about their fair housing rights, and that people who have experienced discrimination are empowered to pursue remedies.

Program Services Coordinator position description

This is a full-time position (40 hours a week) based in Milwaukee. The Program Services Coordinator may work a hybrid schedule of in-person and remote work, subject to pre-approval by supervisor(s).

The salary range for this position is $46,000 to $52,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

Approximately 50% of the Program Services Coordinator’s time will be spent on activities related to intake of complaints alleging unlawful housing discrimination. These activities include:

  1. Providing counseling and assistance to housing consumers on the purposes and provisions of local, state and federal fair housing laws.
  2. Conducting intake of complaints alleging violations of fair housing laws from housing consumers throughout Wisconsin. The Program Services Coordinator will interview potential complainants and obtain complete and accurate information for referral and review by supervisor(s) or another agency as directed.
  3. Advising complainants on their options for pursuing complaints through administrative or judicial actions.
  4. Acting as a liaison between complainants, attorneys, and public administrative agencies during the process of seeking a resolution to a housing discrimination complaint.
  5. Preparing documents for referral to attorneys and/or public administrative agencies.
  6. Maintaining detailed, confidential records pertaining to complaints.

Approximately 50% of the Program Services Coordinator’s time will be spent conducting fair housing outreach and education activities, including:

  1. Developing and maintaining relationships with community organizations, social service agencies, civic organizations, faith-based organizations, and other groups in order to raise awareness of fair housing issues and the services provided by our organization.
  2. Attending community events and meetings to disseminate fair housing information and act as a representative of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council.
  3. Conducting informational fair housing presentations to a wide variety of audiences.
  4. Recruiting volunteers and members.

In all areas of responsibility, the Program Services Coordinator will be expected to:

  1. Undertake continuous efforts to educate oneself on fair housing laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and issues relevant to effective job performance.
  2. Assist with reports to funding sources as assigned by supervisor(s).

Desired experience and qualifications

  1. Commitment to the MMFHC mission and vigorous enforcement of fair housing laws.
  2. Experience providing direct client services to diverse groups of people, including persons with disabilities.
  3. Experience maintaining detailed and confidential records.
  4. Legal experience or working in civil rights enforcement is a plus.
  5. Excellent public speaking skills.
  6. Excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills.
  7. Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills.
  8. Strong time management and multitasking abilities.
  9. Ability to explain legal concepts in simple, easy-to-understand language.
  10. Ability to respond to clients with urgent needs while remaining calm, professional and organized.
  11. Willingness to alternate between independent work and a collaborative team environment.
  12. Ability to accept and act upon performance-based direction.
  13. Spanish or Hmong language skills highly desirable.
  14. Some availability to work evenings and weekends on occasion.
  15. A./B.S. preferred, but commensurate experience will be considered.

Please submit a cover letter and current résumé via email to:

Rachel Scalise, Executive Assistant

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