Building Substitute Teacher

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  • Full-Time
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Job Type Details: Opening in the Elementary, Middle, and High School (3 Total)

Accountability Objectives: 

The Building Substitute teacher is responsible for preparing all students for post-secondary  success by implementing the district curriculum using culturally responsive instructional  strategies, monitoring student progress, analyzing student data and collaboratively planning for  providing student interventions.  

Acting as building sub first, this staff member steps in and covers class periods, and full school  days as needed, to ensure the implementation of academic minutes in the absence of teachers. On  days and class periods when a teacher substitute is not required this staff member serves as a  member of the student support team. During that time they assist with supporting scholars and  teachers in and out of the classroom and help to maintain positive learning environments that are  conducive to rigorous and valuable instructional time.” 

Position Characteristics: 

Length of Contract: First-Year Teachers- 198 days; Returning Teachers- 195 days 

Position Relationships: 

Reports to: Building Principal  Coordinates with: Building principal, classroom and resource teachers, student service personnel,  district coordinators, program support teachers, classified staff, building improvement teams,  parents and families 

Position Qualifications: Some teaching experience. Experience working with students in an urban setting.

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree 

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Understand the educational philosophy of the School and for carrying out the policies of  the Board of Directors 
  2. Plan and deliver curriculum using culturally responsive instructional strategies 
  3. Differentiate instruction 
  4. Use formative and summative assessment to inform instruction and monitor student  progress 
  5. Communicate student progress with students, families, district staff members, and  building administration. 
  6. Collaboratively plan with families, building/district staff, and administration for student  improvement. 
  7. Be aware of and/or participate on School teams for curriculum development, data  analysis, staff development planning, selection of materials, and other committees. 
  8. Plan for professional growth through staff development, course work, and/or other opportunities. 
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the principal and other administrators

Email resume to Jennifer Berry (Talent Acquisition & Teacher Development Manager) at

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