Project Director, DRIVE Health Project

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  • Full-Time
  • Appleton, WI
  • 6/21/23
  • Job Type Details: Full time 40 hours/week contract over grant period 2023-2025

POSITION TITLE: DRIVE Health Project Director

DRIVE in the project name is a list of the values of this health equity project:

Disrupt. Respond. Innovate. Voice. Equity.

This Project Director will provide coordination of the DRIVE Health Project. This project was designed to address the culturally-specific mental health needs and health equity concerns of the Hmong and Black communities in Winnebago, Outagamie and Calumet counties to improve their mental/physical health and wellbeing. Project activities include implementation of culturally-based warmlines, community readiness assessment, mental health literacy and anti-stigma campaigns, building referral pathways in health and mental health, creation of a Community Health Worker program, mental health promotion and building protective factors within each community for suicide prevention.

This is a grant funded position; Full time 40 hours/week over the 3-year life of the grant 2023-2025. Position will be based in Menasha, Wisconsin with the NEW Mental Health Connection.


Please click the “Learn How to Apply” button below to see the application instructions.

PAY BASIS:              

Contracted with United Way Fox Cities (3-year project)

Annual contract $68,640 plus annual benefit stipend $20,592

(Employee will have tax responsibility – Requires Filing 1099)


Minimum – Bachelor’s degree (in mental health, human services, public health, healthcare, social work, education, leadership or other related field) plus 3 years of experience


6 years of combined experience in progressing leadership roles, project management, grant project or program implementation, or other related work


Experience in leadership, grant writing, project management, public speaking and DEI initiatives

Preferred experience working with culturally-based, grassroots organizations on health equity, social justice, anti-racism, policy/advocacy and community organizing

Knowledge and Skills Base:

  • Working knowledge of the concepts of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, intersectionality, social determinants of health, social justice, anti-racism, community organizing and advocacy
  • Experience in project management, driving multiple project strategies with varying timelines, at the same time
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Considerable personal organizational skills; must be able to effectively and independently balance time and workload and prioritize job-related activities
  • Ability to communicate with persons of varying levels of education, differing understanding, and wide-ranging values
  • Ability to accept and constructively utilize supervision.
  • Skillful in establishing and nurturing relationships/partnerships by building rapport, integrity and trust.
  • Be comfortable with ambiguity, complexity and change.
  • Ability to identify themes, synthesize information and generate insights in real-time.
  • Ability to zoom in to see the details and zoom out to see big picture trends.
  • Ability to accommodate flexible scheduling to address program needs, including occasional evening/weekend hours.


Provides coordination of Wisconsin Community Safety Fund (WCSF) grant activities (locally known as the DRIVE Health Project); ensures completion of objectives, strategies and reports; coordinates the work of grant staff; and handles the day-to-day business of the grant project. Champions addressing the culturally-specific needs and health equity concerns of the Hmong and Black communities in Winnebago, Outagamie and Calumet counties to improve their mental/physical health and wellbeing.


  1. Handles all WCSF grant requirements. Ensures completion of grant objectives (work plan) and progress/final reports; ensures that services and related documentation comply with federal laws, state statutes, administrative codes, and policies and procedures; manages the grant project budget.
  2. Ensures the provision of leadership and service to the DRIVE Health Project Leadership Team as outlined in the grant requirements and work plan; supports Health Equity Coordinators and Community Health Workers as staff of the DRIVE Health Project.
  3. Ensures that programming and strategies are implemented and managed in an effective and efficient manner and consistent with the standards of the WCSF grantor, United Way Fox Cities, People of Progression, NEW Hmong Professionals, Partnership Community Health Center and NEW Mental Health Connection (NEW MHC).


  • Proficiency with personal computers, Microsoft Office programs, Google applications
  • Ability to maintain accurate, complete, and legally correct reports and data on a computer
  • Current WI driver’s license and access to a motor vehicle and commitment to meet and maintain automobile insurance requirements


  • Reports directly to NEW MHC Director.
  • Also responsible for reporting to the DRIVE Health Project Leadership Team, United Way Fox Cities supervisor and the WCSF Grant Coordinator through the Comprehensive Injury Center at Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Works with staff from People of Progression and NEW Hmong Professionals, Partnership Community Health Center, Executive Director of NEW MHC, other project partners, local/state agencies, and the public.


Strategic Planning

  • Assists DRIVE Health Project Leadership Team with strategic planning towards the grant work plan
  • Conducts regular reviews of, and adjustments to, grant work plan
  • Maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders

Leadership-Management Responsibilities           


  • Coordinate and lead regular meetings of the DRIVE Health Project Leadership Team
  • Oversight of contracts/agreements related to the WCSF grant
  • Work with WCSF grantor, MCW research partner, and NEW MHC to monitor, compile, analyze and report data, project outcomes and evaluation
  • Actively participates in community, regional, state and national professional organizations to maintain a current knowledge of developments in the areas of mental health and physical health disparities, diversity, equity and inclusion, and addressing the social determinants of health within the Hmong and Black communities
  • Report on grant activities and progress to a variety of stakeholders, including the project partner organizations
  • Attend all project learning and convening events in locations throughout the state as required
  • Collaborates with other WCSF grant recipients within the state
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Coordinate and support recruitment and hiring process for other grant staff, including Health Equity Coordinators and Community Health Workers
  • Provide support and consultation for the development and retention of staff members, in partnership with People of Progression, NEW Hmong Professionals and Partnership Community Health Center
  • Support staff in establishing annual goals and action plans; link staff to grant project vision; support People of Progression, NEW Hmong Professionals and Partnership Community Health Center in linking performance to overall grant goals and action plans
  • Ensure agency staff has resources and flexibility to perform, improve and learn in their jobs
  • Positively motivate and support agency staff by providing a learning environment that encourages personal and professional development during the grant project period


  • Lead the sustainability planning for the future of the DRIVE Health Project strategies beyond the 3-year WCSF grant period
  • Lead fundraising efforts, including both grants and donations, for local matching dollars – for potential expansion of the project to other culturally-based groups
  • Prepare grant proposals for new funding, monitor/administrate secured grants (including data collection, written reports, interviews, and fiscal management of restricted funds)


  • Supports and promotes the grant strategies, and the spirit of the health equity objectives
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Treats everyone with dignity and respect
  • Maintains a professional manner in conduct and appearance within the daily affairs and grant sponsored activities


  • Encourages quality in all project areas and strives to continuously improve the direct services to the community within the grant project
  • Works independently, and is able to perform effectively with the flexibility of both remote and in-person work options
  • Effectively communicates verbally, non-verbally and in written form
  • Effectively addresses adaptive leadership challenges
  • Promotes and supports change, with the understanding that change is hard


  • Interacts with colleagues at all levels in the community
  • Serves as a resource to others
  • Shares knowledge and skills
  • Contributes to a supportive and healthy environment that is conducive to learning


  • Ability to perform most work from a sedentary position.
  • Ability to function in situations encountered in a normal office setting.
  • Ability to use standard office equipment including telephone, computer, printer, photocopier, and scanner.
  • Ability to travel to other locations within the tri-county area or state
  • Ability to work in adverse weather conditions. Work performed in the community is sometimes subject to conditions that range from inclement weather to dangerous conditions such as ice/snow, cold, heat, noise, wetness/humidity, vibration, sudden temperature changes, and poor illumination at the job site or due to travel on the job.

Employees may occasionally need to relate to members of the public who exhibit challenging, atypical or hostile behaviors and/or communication.

Please submit:

  1. A resume that includes employment, internship, volunteering experiences that match the listed “Experience”, “Preferred Experience” and “Knowledge and Skills Base” in the Job Description
  2. A cover letter, of no more than 2 pages, that describes your successes within the “Experience”, “Preferred Experience” and “Knowledge and Skills Base” areas listed in the Job Description
  3. List three references and their contact information – References should be ready to speak to your successes within the “Experience”, “Preferred Experience” and “Knowledge and Skills Base” areas listed in the Job Description

Submit Resume & Cover Letter to by 5:00pm, June 21, 2023

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