Montessori Assistant to the Teacher

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Starting Date: Summer 2023 or possibly earlier, with training ideally occurring in April 2023.

Hours/Days: Various shifts available, including summer hours and all school days. 25 – 35 hours per week

Compensation: $16.50 – $23 per hour, depending upon work experience.

If you are called to work with young children in a manner that is quiet, calm, and supportive, please consider this opportunity and support the great work of our Montessori lead teachers in a classroom of 3-6 year-old children.

Job Description

  • Supervise children in outdoor play
  • Assist children with coats and shoes
  • Model polite, respectful behavior
  • Make materials — cutting, copying and laminating
  • Maintain supplies and materials
  • Organize and clean the environment
  • Serve as other eyes and ears in the classroom, including observing regularly
  • Safely escort children to the playground and supervise recess and outdoor play
  • Ensure children are safe and accounted for at all times
  • Call parents or caregivers when children become sick at school and care for the children until they arrive
  • Other tasks as needed

Skills and Attributes Needed:

  • Prompt and dependable!
  • Respectful of each child’s individual needs and development
  • Naturally patient and kind
  • Good manners and courteous
  • Work within the team to create a loving, supportive, caring environment
  • Professional demeanor at all times
  • Must be comfortable working on the floor, walking several blocks outdoors, and being outdoors for drop-off and pick-up in all types of weather
  • Must complete a background check

Please send an overview of work history and three sentences stating why you are well-suited for this position to

Thank you!

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