4 Simple Steps to Draw Skilled Candidates to Your Job Opening

Candidate Applying for Nonprofit Job
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Originally posted March 17, 2019; updated March 7, 2020

by Ben Hastil


You just posted your opportunity on our Job Listings page, but more openings are posted every day, so how do you draw attention to yours?

Here are four simple steps that any organization can take, which we see result in an increase in the traffic to the organization’s openings on Jobs That Help:

  1. Post about your job post on Jobs That Help on your organization’s social media accounts (with Facebook, due to new algorithms, making more than one post each week is helpful, as each post will only be displayed in a fraction of the news feeds of the followers of a Facebook page), asking followers to share the job post in their circles.
  1. Send an e-mail out to your organization’s e-mail list subscribers or include a notice in your newsletter about your job post on Jobs That Help (and ask subscribers to share the news about the job opening in their circles).
  1. Ask supportive local associations and groups that may have a helpful reach (such as the local United Way, chamber of commerce, relevant college program, professional group or network, relevant Facebook group, etc.) if they would share your job post on Jobs That Help on their social media or with their e-mail list subscribers.
  1. Add a note on your website that your job openings can also be found on Jobs That Help with a link to us (providing a link to us has the extra benefit of indicating to search engines that Jobs That Help should be listed higher in search results for job openings like yours, helping job seekers find your openings more easily).

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