Professional Development Opportunities for HR Professionals & Nonprofit Leaders

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Fall Professional Development Opportunities

Posted September 30, 2020 | Ben Hastil

Interested in workplace safe spaces training, HR best practices, conflict resolution skills, or in strengthening another area? This fall has got you covered! Take a look at all the HR management and leadership-related offerings (many focused specifically on nonprofit organizations) below.

October Professional Development Opportunities

10/8: Safe Spaces: Honoring Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace. Learn about creating safe, inclusive spaces at work, offered by UW-Eau Claire

10/8: Raising the Quality of Hire – HR Process Basics for Nonprofits. Learn proven and effective human resource process basics to ensure successful outcomes for your organization, offered by NonprofitPlace

10/16: Empowering Employee Success. Learn behavior-based, customizable, and cost-effective workplace solutions leading to organizational effectiveness, career development and personal growth, offered by UW-Parkside

10/20: Mediation & Conflict Resolution in the Nonprofit Workspace. Learn how proactive mediation practices can and should play a role in our daily work, and tools to help us be better leaders and teammates, offered by NonprofitPlace

10/20: Employee Engagement & Belonging Practices in Nonprofits. Learn how to create meaningful employee engagement practices aimed at fostering belonging, offered by Nonprofit HR

10/20-10/21: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Essentials of Human Resources. Gain a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of HR management, offered by UW-Milwaukee

10/22-10/23: Human Resources (HR) for Non-HR Professionals. Learn about HR laws and handling HR issues in this program for organizations without dedicated HR staff, offered by UW-Madison

November Professional Development Opportunities

11/3: Hire the Best: Interviewing for Hiring Managers. Gain an overview of the fundamentals of effective interviewing, offered by UW-Madison

11/4: Creative Nonprofit Leadership. Learn effective approaches to leading a team in accomplishing shared goals, and discover creative ways to achieve positive outcomes, offered by UW-Milwaukee

11/12: Practical HR: How to Navigate Employment Law Myths and Landmines. Learn the basics of employment law compliance and human resources practice, offered by UW-Milwaukee

11/12: Microaggressions and Bias in the Workplace. Learn the definition and impact of microaggressions, and how to recognize and reduce them in your workplaces, offered by UW-Eau Claire

Beginning 11/13: Human Resources Management. Learn essential human resource policies and practices for nonprofits, offered by UW-Green Bay, as part of their Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

11/17: REALITIES: Leadership & Culture in Nonprofits. Explore ways to initiate courageous conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more, offered by Nonprofit HR

11/18: Effective Compensation & Performance Management Systems. Learn about the application of compensation, designing performance management systems, and talent development in workforce strategy, offered by UW-Madison

Looking for other trainings? See all the events we list on our Events Calendar!

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