Creating Value and Saving Money on Nonprofit Tech

Nonprofit Learning Lab is offering “Creating Value and Saving Money on Nonprofit Tech”:

“Start-up and small nonprofits can usually manage their own IT using free and low-cost tools for email, cybersecurity, file sharing, and online marketing. But as you grow, you will need to think about the role IT can play in the success of your nonprofit and the IT staff you will need to keep your nonprofit functioning. Join an expert with 20+ years of experience supporting nonprofit IT to learn how to save money on tech and still plan for your nonprofit’s future. You will learn how to grow your internal staff skills, how to write job descriptions and hire for IT positions, and when to save money by outsourcing your IT. With new cybersecurity threats able to force you out of business, it is never too early to build your IT roadmap and learn what tech expertise you can’t live without.”

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